How We work:

At Arlington Physical Therapy, we are trained to treat a wide range of conditions and disorders that limit the lifestyle and physical potential of spinal adjustments. We can assist all ages from babies to seniors. It does not matter if you are a pre-post pregnancy patient or a pre-post surgery patient; we can help you. We are here to serve all those aching pains in your body from back/spine disorders, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, and feet. Below, you will learn how personalized and compassionate our care is. We will share with you our beliefs on how we value your health and what makes us unique to all other physical therapists. 



Our patients’ health is our top priority. We offer a multitude of equipment and methods for you to improve your condition, relieve your pain, and return to the normal life you’ve always wanted. 


We believe that prevention is the key! Preventing injuries prevents surgeries. We can educate you on exercises, stretches and methods that can help strengthen the muscles, bones, or joints so you can prevent the injury from reoccurring.



All of our physical therapists are certified and licensed. We provide the most qualified and experienced help to best suit your needs because your care and treatment is most important to us. Since our combined experience is more than 30 years, we draw from a great wealth of clinical expertise. You can expect to spend personal, one-on-one time with your physical therapist in every session.

We facilitate a speedy, healthy recovery while still giving you the love and compassionate, personalized care you deserve. We want to not only enable you to reach your rehab goals, but also to assist you in returning to your daily activities with the knowledge and ability to prevent further injury.

Our facility is state-of-the-art. We have a multitude of equipment and methods for you to improve your condition, relieve your pain, and return you to the normal life you deserve. We offer state of the art machines that include: Keys Fitness machines, Biomechanical Platform systems, SciFit Stationary bicycles, Sports Art elliptical and automated treadmill machines, as well as free weight and fixed weight systems are just a few of the options our clinic has to help improve your condition and strength. We employ the use of Electronic Stimulation treatment and Ultrasound treatment to get you back to a fuller life without pain or discomfort.

You have now learned about how we work, now please check out the What We Do section to see what we can do to alleviate your aching joints, muscles, and bones and get you on the road to recovery!